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Topics to be Covered

  • How an over-emphasis on grades, test scores, and trophies as measures of kids’ success neglects crucial aspects of their development.
  • Practical, research-based strategies for helping kids develop the values, character and coping skills that are the underpinnings of resilience.
  • How to counter our culture’s “man up, be tough” messages to boys that inhibit their social and emotional development.
  • Why pornography is “the public health crisis of the digital age” and its impact on youth.
  • Concrete strategies for helping kids learn how to deal with peer pressure, moral dilemmas, and gender stereotypes promulgated by the media.
  • Results from the Youth Purpose Project: what research tells us about why so many young people are struggling to find purpose in their lives and how adults can nurture, mentor, and support them in finding their path to fulfillment.

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